Carroty Wood – Day 2


Day 2 – 4.10.16

The children have today been rafting and climbing in the morning followed later on by a low ropes course. Everyone is having lots of fun and they are all looking forward to the night hike. Torches ready!

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Having another great day with plenty of

sunshine. Most had a good nights sleep

and all have been eating loads.img_5758 img_2310 img_2317 img_2321 img_2329 img_2330 img_2335 img_2387 img_2388 img_2392 img_2418 img_2420 img_2451 img_2459 img_2461 img_2493 img_2631 img_2632 img_2633 img_2639 img_2640 img_2641 img_5712 img_5716 img_5722 img_5741 img_5743 img_5745 img_5746 img_5747 img_5748 img_5749 img_5750 img_5752 img_5755 img_5757