The School Council is led by Mrs Champion. The purpose of the School Council is to ensure that the children are involved in decisions affecting all aspects of the life of the school.  It supports pupil involvement and personal development through activities such as organising fund-raising for a chosen charity.  School Council   Hoath School Council meet once a week to discuss any problems or ideas the school community may have. Katie Yr 6 Armaan Yr 5 Chloe Yr 4 William Yr 3 Kaiya Yr 2 Esmae Yr 1 Oscar Yr April (Animal welfare and secretary)   At our first meeting the Council voted to support CLIC Sargent Charity this year with various fund raising ideas. It is the charities 10 year birthday this year and they do a wonderful job supporting children and their families, with cancer. We have researched them and the children felt it was a very worthwhile charity. We also discuss any problems and forthcoming events. The Council asked for and received a talk, for a whole school assembly, from the Food Bank, where we sent all our Harvest Festival Collection. The children enjoyed the talk and had some very interesting questions. A spin off from the talk is that they need some fruit and vegetable pictures from the children to use on their newly designed recipe cards that will go into the emergency food parcels. The children have also discussed the problem with the yellow PE shirts (the main reason is the attraction to thunder bugs in the summer, particularly on Sports Day). The idea from the majority of children is that the yellow tops should be changed to purple . The Council have decided to get a petition up and send the results to Mrs. Noake. YES to purple NO to yellow t-shirts sign our petition now!

 Our petition has been a success!!




  Chloe and Kaiya wrote about the School Council :- “We have a chat and go back to what we did the week before and see if we have did it right. The people that do the School Council have a chat every week and decide what we do for the school”    Written by Georgina Champion for the School Council.  

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